• I have a couple of Midi controllers linked to my dot2 on PC. I dont use cues much as most of my looks or scenes are built in the moment or live. So colors, effects, gobos etc I have on faders or executors linked to the midi board. I want to set a executor fade time to a fader that will not take priority over my current look. Allowing me to punch in all my new values as the current show is playing, once I'm ready for the new look all I have to do is throw down a fader and it goes to the new look. Cant seem to figure this one out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey,

    as you've programmed your show based on cues and execs this is a difficult one.

    The only way of doing this is based on the programmer. The Blind function can hide all your changes from the output and fade (Prog Time) them in, in the moment you've deactivated the Blind function.

    But all this works only with programmer values - not with cue values.

    Please check this part of the manual. Maybe these functions are helpful for you to find a suitable workflow:



  • Thank you for your response. What I ended up doing was putting a 10 second delay on all executors. Then made sure to check master rate as well. Now I can keep the rate fader all the way down and have 10 seconds to create my new look...slide my rate fader up when ready to jump into the new look.

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