Wishlist for future Versions

  • I apologies if i missed a place where this is already taken place.

    I just needed somewhere where I could list things that are needed in the dot2 system.

    1- Vectorworks Plugin/patch - This is a REALLY big deal, the whole vectorworks patching system was the main reason I, and im sure other LDs, chose MA over some of the other companies such as chamsys/Martin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that this is at least something you are looking to doing soon. I need to be able to export sets at from vectorworks into MA. Patching i could care less about but fixture position, focus and rotation are vital here.

    Thats my big complaint so far, and understandable since its a 3rd party software. Just had to make my opinion known Thank you

    If its ok with the administrators, It would be great if we could use this, thread as a place to list our wants and needs for future software patches of the dot2 series. Thanks

  • Ok, our (at the moment... ;) ) very short wishlist for a future version:
    We would be very glad to see a real A/B crossfader in the near future, since this is a really essential feature concerning our theatre applications.
    At the moment, fader A is always the intensity fader for the Cue Stack and fader B is the crossfader. What we would need is the possibility to split the crossfade between A and B and this is only possible with a real A/B crossfader.
    Many thanks!

  • Hi at all,

    - Effect Edit for FX Presets would be great (its not possible to edit them, yet)
    - Predefinded MA Tricks Macros like 1 of 3, 1 of 4 and so on (would be more handy than MI 3 via command line)
    - FX Grouping instead working with Phase
    - FX Templates (Templet Fx Presets maybe...)
    - Option to switch between Exec Number and Exec Name in Virtual Playback View
    - Exec Function Option: Temp, Top, Tempfader


  • I'm not sure what you mean by "FX Templates", but we have predefined effects for every attribute. Maybe this is what you are searching for!? Please push the effect key to get access to them.

    The Temp and Top functions are assingable via commandline:
    Temp: MA+Label -> MA+Toggle -> Executor
    Top: MA+Label -> MA+Flash -> Executor

    The Tempfader is already on the list!

  • Hi NK "Nick"
    about your Circle with 3 groups. create one with all your fixture's. whit phase you can solve it and store it in your Position presets.
    this will help you , i'm pretty sure. FX can be stored as a preset. Cool thing to create your favorite moves and color FX.

    Predefined 1/3 macro and so on:
    store a exec. without any information in the programmer, just empty.
    edit the exec and go to the "CMD" and time there "interleave 1.3"
    set the exec as a "flash" button.


  • Hi,
    My wish list..
    The first to add a function that erases all EXEC, Presets, Cues, Groups. leaving only FIXTURES.
    Second function which imports the only FIXTURES from another show
    Third function that allows to edit the text in the FIXTURE TYPE in Patch & Fixture Schedule
    FIXTURE BUILDER - the possibility to add an image for GOBO


  • To be complete here is my wish list for dot2.

    1. Free assignable artnet universes and sACN outputs.
    2. An option to disable Auto Fix.
    3. An option to make an executor with priority "High" .
    4. A graphical tool or a matrix for the selection of MA Tricks. Maybe a simple Groups, Blocks and Wings button on each effect window. When pressed a calculator opens to set the count.

  • Hello,
    I would prefer time display on the screen may not be visible all the time. Possibly setting the countdown. The time display is now possible only on an external display, but if you do not use it so I do not have that option.
    Have a nice day

  • HI,
    I want to say that I miss the field real-time clock only. I do not use an external monitor at each concert.
    I want to see on the monitor's internal real time, it may not be visible all the time. They can turn like the example Preset.
    Basic View - MORE - Fixtures / Groups / Presets / Cues / VirtualPlayback ... new button "real time"

    Sorry for mistakes in translation into English.

  • It would be helpful if we could move the master executor to an other executor. It is much easier to store a cuelist at the master executor (shorter commands). This would really speed up programming as we can finish a cuelist and then move it to another executor for playback. The master executor is than free to prepare the next cuelist.

    An other request is about the auto label function for color presets.
    When I store a color preset it gets labeled automatically, which is really good. But if I give it a new name and later merge some new fixtures in it, it gets labeled automatically new and my own label is gone.

  • New software launches today, based on your suggestions. We hope you like it.

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