Wishlist for future Versions

  • I Would like to fix my vPlayback Window in The screen and it would be Nice to lock it to a page.
    Availibility to fix preset view
    Exec Option Window (React to MSpeed/MRate etc.) available for vPlaybacks
    encoder scrolling in Every screen. Scrolling on The touchscreen is awful.

  • A few things that would be helpful:

    1) For fixtures with fixed color wheels, have thumbnails of the colors, similar to how the gobo selection works.
    2) For OnPC, the ability for the external monitor to be in a separate window so it can be dragged on a second screen.
    3) The ability to add fixture group tiles onto fixture layout sheets.
    4) A more obvious graphical representation indicating when you are in blind mode.
    5) An HTP submaster option for executors. Is this already possible? It must be. I must be missing something.
    6) A "notes" column in the cue list.

    Thanks so much!

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