Wishlist for future Versions

    • Add groupes in the individuel view
    • View fade times of the main executor (maybe with choose: count up or count down)
    • Tracking sheet (with export function)
    • fixture time (I know how to handle this with this version - but I can't see this times....)
    • Priority and background function for Executor


    (4x dot2 XL-F)

  • Hello guys.
    nice with new features in the 1.2 version
    I still got some very big wishes wich i hope will be added i the near future ;)

    - Select the main Go+ / Go- button for all executers
    - individual fade times for each fixture in a cue (split times)
    - option to turn off exec time at an executer
    - a channel output test where you can patch directly from
    - more speed faders

  • This has been already mentioned but I want to address this issue so that it would hopefully be added asap.

    Groups, Blocks and Wings button on effect window!

    I must say that I was greatly surprised and disappointed when I sat down with the dot2 and rig of 44 Sunstrips and realized that (in my opinion) the very basic thing like Groups and Blocks were not found in the effect window. And I couldn't found any reasonable workaround either. So please add the feature or tell me if there is workaround for them.

    As a workaround you could try to use the Fixture at Fixture or Group at Group function.
    Let's say you have 44 sunstrips, each in 10ch mode, so a total of 440fixtures.
    Let's say you would like to run a Group 3 effect on it. Select Fixture 1 thru 3 and choose the Dimmer Soft Effect. Now copy this to the other Fixtures with Fixture 4 thru 440 at Fixture 1 thru 3. The result should be a Dimmer Group 3 effect like in GrandMA2. If you like to have a Group 4 effect simply use Fixture 1 thru 4 and so on. This can be much easier if you create some special groups, just for these effects.
    There are also some easy tricks to use the Phase function. Divide the fixtures manually by 3 and store 3 groups.Maybe the lasso selection in dot2 3D will help to get this easier. Run the Dimmer Soft effect and set the Phase to 0 for group 1, 120 for group 2 and 240 for group 3. The effect works like a chaser. For a 4 step effect use Phase 0,90,180,270 and for an odd/even effect simply 0 and 180.
    Well I know this is not as easy as Groups, Blocks and Wings but could help you to get better effects on a pixel map setup.

  • Have you seen the new MATricks Macros in the macro pool?
    They can be used with the effects. :)

    I've totally missed those macros! They would do the trick! I'd maybe still prefer to have the simple options of Groups, Blocks and Wings in the effect editor :) But thanks!

    And I also wan't give a vote for executor priority function to be added in the future.

  • I LOVE <3 the new Fixture Layout Views plot, and I sure your are not done enhancing it further.

    I would like to have the ability to load background images to the Fixture Layout Views with the ability to scale the image to you screen size on the console or an external monitor. This would further enhance an operator to select lighting fixtures more rapidly (we have a little over 200 lights to select and use). A console with Fixture Layout View images AND the 3D will be a wonderful combination.

    In addition to this I would like to ability to name the views. Some of the names I would use would be something like: Overall, Band & Singers, Stage Only, Welcome Center, Zone 1, Environmental, Floor Zone 1, etc.

    Having 5 views would be good for some, but for our needs having 7 to 10 views would be more ideal.

    I hope I'm not asking for too much! ^^ Wishing you Happy Programming!

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • The new Fixture Layout Views are great but would like to have one function added there: I would like to move the fixtures with the encoders not just with the touch screen. It would also be great to use Align function while moving the fixtures there. This came to my mind when I had 50 Sunstrip fixtures and they were put vertically in a single row on a truss. It took a very long time to put that setup on one layout cause a sunstrip is always horizontal when stored to a layout.

  • Master Fader as Speedmaster Master Go as Learn. XFade as TimeMaster
    Effectspeed handling usable for Busking Shows
    Playback Prioritys like gma "Super"-Setting
    Preset Fade options like Chamsys (individual spread over heads in different directions)
    iPad Remote App: Sometimes The Core + additional Screen is enough.
    Forum working properly on iPhone

  • Hi,
    I would welcome the possibility of creating folders and subfolders in backup command. For example, a folder for concerts, fashion shows folder, the folder for small events.

    Something like that can easily be done by labeling the showfiles in a logical way.
    Start every backup for concerts with the name: Concert-xyz or for a fashion show: fashion-show-xyz
    Than sort the shows in the console by name and you'll get a good overview of all shows.

  • Hi all,
    I'm writing a story for improvement. It is a scroll bar on the right side. He is very thin, at page scrolling unintentional selection (group, presets, macro, page)
    I suggest making the header icons, as is the case in the window Fixtures (5x user layout)
    I suggest on the right side of the header to add buttons up and down, just like it is in the Help window (icons back and forwards) that will move the contents of a window up and down

    I apologize for my English
    Thanks Lumirt

  • Quote

    I'm writing a story for improvement. It is a scroll bar on the right side. He is very thin, at page scrolling unintentional selection (group, presets, macro, page)
    I suggest making the header icons, as is the case in the window Fixtures (5x user layout)

    I agree it is hard to work, but I invested in a good Stylus. It works wonders and I seldom use the console, including the external touch screen monitor without it. Most people use a stylus on their mobile devices; Why not the dot2? :D

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • What I would like to see is the ability to select trigs like we do in the main cue list for cues that resides on an executor. Specifically I need the Follow trig on some of the cue list that I program to a Exec slider. :rolleyes:

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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