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  • Sir, can you please explain me how to calculate EncFrom and EncTo numbers in Fixture Builder while building personality and also Show to find correct attributes for the fixtures as its too complicated to find correct ones in fixture builder. Thanks a lot Sir in advance.

  • Hey,

    "EncFrom" & "EncTo" stands for "encoder from" & "encoder to". This value displays the possible encoder range for this DMX channel. So this means for example a channel which is controlling the dimmer can go from 0 to 100. When the channel is controlling something like PAN or TILT the values are compareable to the possible movement range. So e.g. -270 to 270 for a movement range of 540 degrees.

    Furtheremore all your programming reflects to these values. So this means the console takes one value of this range to store it into a cue.

    Hopefully this is now a little bit more understandable!? :)


  • Thanks a lot Sir for your reply, now I've understood the function of encoder, but my main concern is how do I evaluate the value of encoder starting from and ending. because every fixture manual just provides the channels and functions with their dmx values. so for an instance if i have to build an personality for a fixture which has 24 channels how do i calculate encoders value for the same. please help !!!!


  • Let's do some examples to describe this:

    PAN range from 540° means:
    EncFrom -> -270 / EncTo -> 270
    DmxFrom -> -270 / DmxTo -> 270
    PhysFrom -> -270 / PhysTo -> 270

    Dimmer range from 0 to 100% means:
    EncFrom -> 0 / EncTo -> 100
    DmxFrom -> 0 / DmxTo -> 255
    PhysFrom -> 0 / PhysTo -> 1

    -> This means if you only have the DMX values you can divide the value by 2.55 and get the Encoder values.
    As a third example I've attached a screenshot of a shutter channel. Here you can see how the values are calculated. DMXTo = 64 results in an EncTo value of 25, if you divide it by 2.55.

    Hope this is now a little bit clearer!?


  • Thanks a lot Sir, now i've got a much clearer picture, thanks for the explanation. Sir if possible can you please send me the screenshot of a shutter channel that you were talking about, as i haven't received any attachment.


  • Hello

    I have also tried to fix a fixture. The Martin Rush MH 6 Wash. Problem 1: I can´t get the fixture to move/target in MA 3D like it actully does in reality. PAN is inverted, therefore I should change PhysFrom/PhysTo, which only effect the 3D rendering?

    Problem 2: I have big problems with importing the changed fixture (in MA fixture Builder) back to the console. The Dot 2 can only rarly find my exported file on the usb disk.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Hi,

    • ad 1. Yes, Phys from/to only. Changing + from to - and - to + should invert pan in 3D. Real pan (tilt) max angle rotation has to be known and divided by 2 (540° / 2 = +270 and -270) to get the real 3D movement like the head itsef does.
    • ad 2. Wrong flash drive? Do you have the right folder and name structure for dot2 on your flash drive to let it read show content, which library folder with personalities is also in it? (format the flash drive, save any show from dot2 via Backup/Save as on it. Has the personality .xml file extension and is in the dot2/library folder on your flash drive?

    Hope helps

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