dot2 on PC and enttec open dmx

  • Hi n20,
    the dot2 onPC gives out the first DMX universe (512 channels) for free.
    You can use the network connector of your PC for that, by choosing the ArtNet or sACN network protocol in the dot2 onPC.

    To do so, you should make sure that the dot2 onPC chooses the right network interface- so please go to Setup/ network interface and select your local LAN adaptor.
    (the dot2 onPC might do a restart)
    Then, patch Fixtures onto the first DMX universe, open a network session, put a green hook for ArtNet in Setup/ network protocols.
    You´ll see the ArtNet IP, the dot2 onPC uses, benear the green hook.
    As long as the PC has not detected a connected ArtNet device (like your Entec device), it might show ArtNet
    Now make sure, your Entec device uses an IP address beginning with a 2, for example
    Connect it to the PC via a mimum CAT 5e cable, less than 75 meters long and give it a try and
    let us know if it works or not.


  • Hello. I’m completely new to dot2 and need help.

    I’d like to use the software for the free 1st universe but am unsure what to purchase, especially when it comes to a dongle. I’m mainly interested for training purposes since my job will soon require me to learn this software.

    I’m looking at investing in a laptop. I researched the specs and I’m assuming these minimum specs will do:

    -2.4GHz dual core
    -2-4GB RAM
    -32GB HD Space (will non SSD drives be ok?)

    And finally, the confusing part. Do I really need a laptop with an Ethernet port? Will I not be able to do a free universe with a usb dongle? If not, what sort of dongle via Ethernet should I consider purchasing.

    Please forgive my ignorance. I’m really new to dmx, networking, and lighting. I have a general knowledge of networking and would REALLY appreciate some help. Thanks!

  • Hi,
    you have 2 hardware options.
    1. Laptop with real ethernet adaptor plus an eth to dmx Artnet or sACN node, which is mostly connected via UTP ethernet cable. Or
    2. Buy a small compact USB ethernet card and the rest is the same. Dot2 needs to recognize an eth adaptor, thats all.

    If you meant a short pigtail direct from USB to DMX (example), I have no experience, but once you have ethernet based hardware, you can be more flexible, backup, simultaneous dmx and artnet distribution neednes, for example. Also you can use this node with ...Grand MA and other desks via ethernet.

    For learning dot2 is maybe a good idea to install dot2 3D, put its window on external monitor and you can play without any hardware investments, because 3D works directly in the same or the other PC via erhernet perfectly.


  • Thanks for the info. I’m gonna end up purchasing a laptop with an Ethernet port. That being said, I had a colleague mention I could get a dongle for about $50. That doesn’t seem to be true since the only one I can find for that price is a usb-dmx dongle but as I understand it, I need an Ethernet dongle. The only ones I see for the Ethernet option are above $100. Sorry, but am i missing something?

  • Hi,
    as I wrote, direct USB to DMX pigtail might be fine, but dot2 must recognize it to give you free DMX Universe 1 parameters. But it is only software, so the free Universe 1 is given via ethernet card of your PC/laptop, either inbuilt one or external (link). I have no info about USB and it is 99 % wrong idea, because there must be driver and other support and MA does not sell their own pigtail/dongle.

    USB to DMX is for example offered for Avolites Titan, called Avolites One, but their sw and pigtail has inbuilt support.

    But ask directly your MA dealer, maybe there is a way...

    PS: 1 Gbit ethernet adaptor speed is recommended, fast with Cat 5e plus cables, 100 Mbit will also work fine, even for 1 or few universes.


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