Dot2 on PC signal failure

  • Hi
    I am having problem with the dot2 on pc. Sometimes I have only control of 4 Chanels of 36. It happens more and more feeqvent. This happens with xlr and network kable.

    The XL-F joined the same network split as the PC. The signal was then sent via XLR using the node 1 K. Also tested to connect the XLR cable directly into the XL-F table. With the XL-F table, all the lights worked.

    On another occasion, a other PC was tested to ensure that it was not the PC or software that was the source of error. The other lightboard then showed exactly the same problem, only 4 connected dimming channels worked to control. I have also tried with another nod 1 k, same pc and other pc, same problem.

    In case of error, I have tested in the following order: restart of node, the actual data program, the entire PC. Also tested to switch between XLR and network cable as connection. no difference.

    The problem seems to arise more often if the light table in a other hall is started before it is in the problem hall, perhaps just a coincidence. This show file contains nothing to block the control such as parked luminaires or DMX testers. The halls have separate universes.

    It started to occur in december 2017 after uppdating to softare
    Is there any known buggs or could I get my hands on a erlier version to rule that possibility out?

  • Hello Anders,

    what you describe is not known as a bug, neither in technical support nor did we got any similar feedback.
    I am sure that the problem is not caused by the dot2 onPC software itself.

    Now we should find out what goes wrong.
    A few questions to check before we go more into it:
    Does the problem occure with a new created showfile as well?
    What fixture types do you use in your showfile?
    Does the issue happen allways with the same fixtures/ fixture types?
    Have you downloaded the dot2 onPC software new, before you installed it a second time on your PC?
    Do you run the dot2 onPC with administrator rights? (right click on the icon, hook administrator rights)

    To help you efficiently, it would be great if you could send us a simple drawing of your setup, including used cable types and cable lengths.
    Please send your drawing as well as your showfile to

    Thanks for your help Anders!

  • Hi, thanks for the replys

    The problem did occure on a new file as well.
    there are only three different fixtures, dimmer and ETC ColourSource PAR, and Houselight 00 (also dimmer)
    Yes allways the same fixtures do not respond
    I did download the file from the website, just to rule out a corrupted file.
    I don´t think I have tried with admin rights actully.
    You will have my show file shortly

    Kind regards// Anders

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