• Hi Roberts Vanags,
    no, at the moment it is not possible to store your own effect templates or effect presets and
    export them, so you can use them in other showfiles.
    A workaround might be, to create a kind of "basic showfile" for yourself, including a lot of preset effects, chasers and so on.
    You can use this showfile for upcomming shows with different fixture types, by exchanging the fixture types from show to show.


  • What Michael suggested works extremely well for us. I ran the same show file for months changing it as needed for our show. I saved our effects, presets, stage looks and executors on to that one program and grouped them well. I tried to think of every scenario that we will need or could happen. We now use that program as a template and it has saved me hours of programming time.

    If there is major changes to a program or a lot of new original content, I would save that as a new template.

    Have Fun!

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • I need some tips probably to do this.
    So I made color effect preset which go from sides to middle(color change) for 8 fixtures. But if Im having only 6 fixtures of those in my show(in next event or so,real life, some times they give me 8 fixtures sometimes 6 fixtures), I have some empty time where nice else happens. How to fix that.

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