Moving executors with saved commands

  • I have a question, would it be possible to add such functionality when transferring executors, that ... I have two cues saved in executor, eg 1.201. first cue fixture 1 thru 10 at 50 percent, second cue command "off executor 1.201". Then I move executor 1.201 to executor, eg 1.208. And now I would like the executor 1.208 to automatically change the command from "off exec 1.201" to "off exec 1.208". So if the executor has the turn off executor command with the same number, then when moving to another executor, change the number in the command to the executor number to which it was moved (if, for example, in exec 1.201 there is the exec command, ie 1.203, it obviously should not be changed when moving).?


  • I'm not sure this would works automatically because of operational syntax.. Maybe someone here has solved this..
    CMD accepts the syntax you're using by touching the console /or onPC/ so without the exec variable put in (and I'm not sure this could work like that) this shouldn't work.. You have to correct this all manually -> there is lot of possibillities to send the CMDs for the other exec or whatever by using one playback.. Sometimes complicated CMD calls to other execs leads to funny cycling so be aware of this movings :P

    I remember and still I don't understand: I'm solving the problem of MIB numbers on gma2, if you renumber the cues you have to rewrite manually all saved MIB old numbers to the numbers of new cues after renumbering -> and this could be more easier than moving execs :/ ?( :D :D :D


  • Hey guys,

    this is already possible! :)

    But you need to call/off the executors by their names. For example, if you have an executor called "Name" on page one then you can switch it off by the command: Off Executor 1."Name"

    With this command all Executors named "Name" on page one will be switched off.



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