Make the "High Value" set as a tempfader so you can fade in dim effects

  • I love using soft dim and hard dim effects, the only issue is they're either full on or full off,

    Is there a way to link the "High Value" of a dim effects preset to a temp/intensity fader so that I can slowly fade in the intensity of the dim effect?

  • The easiest way is to store the effect either on button executor or on executor fader. Then you can use the dedicated fade and off times or the master fader.

    If you want to limit the output of an effect preset, which is running in the programmer, than you can use a Groupmaster. For more details please check the online help. :)

    I've enclosed a showfile which shows all possibilities mentioned above.


  • Dont worry you are not only one :) Is there anything like for execbuttons? I have stored preprogrammed effects and so on*at buttons) and I have 3-4 buttons named OFF,which have cmd that needs to turn off execbuttons I want.
    For example: I have 3 different fixtures and 3 differents buttons with soft dimmer, Can I just store them on buttonwing2, and use one fader closer to cored fader? Using onPC

  • Sorry to pop into your conversation, but:
    Groupmasters have a high priority and they work on the fixtures, so as a workaround, you could use Groupmasters
    to limit fixtures that run effects on buttonexecutors.
    Another workaround to limit buttonexecutors is to type commands like "at 50", followed by a press on the buttonexecutor-
    this will set this buttonexec to 50% and a little Fader symbol appears. You can also use "at 60 fade 3", followedby a press on the buttonexec.
    Maybe this is something you can work with?