Using a personal gobo file

  • Hello

    Working on new fixtures for the dot2, i need to had my personal gobo file but can't find the way to do it :

    In the fixture XML file, there is :
    <Slot index="1" media_name="gobo 1.1" media_filename="carallon/gobos/robe/037901101.png" />

    but how can i refer to a media file stored in the usb stick ?
    1- what are the limit for the png file ?
    2- in which directory must i save it ? bitmaps ? gobo ?
    3- what is the complete media_filename i have tu use with the USB stick ?

    Thanks for your help


  • The last time I had the same problem like you, I've added the gobo using the gma2 software. After exporting to the gma2 folder I've copied the file to the dot2 folder and patched it into a show. The files are the same.
    I'm not sure if this is actually possible with the dot2 software or with the fixture builder.

  • thanks for your help but on the dot2 we can't import a file.
    On grandMA2onPC, you import your BMP file and it comes to a special directory user_gobos in the same place as others gobos from various manufacturer. When you export your fixture, the gobo is copied in a directory on the USB stick.
    I copy every things in the dot2 directory but the dot2 doesn't import the file...

  • Understood. I've only used inbuilt gobos (carallon) for self created fixtures in gma2 and the dot2 got the same folders and images.
    I believe this is actually not possible. Even if you copy some files directly into the C:ProgramData\Ma Lighting\dot2 \gobos folder it would only show the correct gobo at dot2 PC and not at the console.

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