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  • Good Morning,

    I am thinking into buy the stuff to controll my lightning system on the pc, but i really would like some hardware.
    So first i was thinking into buy the COmmand Wing. But thisone is really expensive here in Brasil.
    So now i saw that the Fader wing is cheaper. Would i be able to controll my light with the fader wing + pc, or would i need anything else that it works?

    Simeon Seelig

  • Hi Simeon,
    the onPC Command wing is a hardware surface that runs only together with the gMA2 onPC software.
    You can buy a onPC faderwing as well, but this belongs t othe same (gMA2) range.

    We also offer a Faderwing (F Wing) for the dot2 range of products.
    -This is just to make sure, names and ranges are not mixed up or we talk about different things.

    The smallest control hardware in dot2 range is the dot2 Core console.
    Or you run the dot2 onPC, which gives you the first patched DMX universe for free!
    As it runs on your MS Windows based PC, you can output the universe via ArtNet or sACN protocol from the network port of your PC.
    If your fixtures can not be run by these protocols, you can use the one pro node we offer, or the node4 (1K) from dot2 range,
    which allows you to output 1024 DMX channels, spread over four DMX outputs.

    The dot2 Fader wing does not output anything, it´s just an extension to the dot2 consoles or
    a hardware surface to make working with the dot2 onPC more haptic.

    You´re very welcome to contact Daniel from Lighting bits for a quote or more details.
    Daniel is an old friend and our MA distributor in Brasil.

    Michael "Qincy"

  • Hi, when you are talking about a cmd-wing - this is for a other console named Grandma2 (gma2). this is not compatible with dot2!
    There is not cmd-wing for the console dot2!

    The fader or button-wings for dot2 do not have any dmx output.
    To start with onPC you need a DMX output. this could be any Art-Net oder sACN adapter. You will find some very cheap china quality sACN nodes at ebay starting at 60-90 USD. I tried those 4 port white box nodes. Yes, they are working but this is real cheap crap. No isolation and bad software. I my test one port was died after 2 days.

    I advice to you: buy a original dot2 Node4 (1K)
    This is a high quality product and will have a higher lifetime than those other crap.

    For faders and buttons can use a midi controller.

  • Hi Simeon,

    If you are looking for a cheaper way to control dot2 onPC, then I would suggest you purchase an Enttec ODE Mk2. This interface will work directly with dot2 and is under £200 (about 191.14 Euro). It is also well built and I trust it on all of my gigs. Then you can use what I use which is an APC Mini and map it via Bomes Midi Translator Pro. The APC Mini is only £70 and Bomes Midi Translator Pro is £55. This will give you 1 universe of DMX Output from dot2 onPC.

    If you need help with any of this, please don't hesitate to message me.


    Harry Bilney
    HB Lighting Design

  • I'm using the setup dot2 onPC with laptop (Lenovo, win10) and ENTTEC for the small theatre applications (to one universe) and this works without any troubles!! And it saves me lot of time on the stage, because lot of things I'm preparing offline (as well like in gma2)..

    Thank you MA you put free the first universe!!


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