problem with nsp 1 and 2

  • I'm working on a big show, and i'm using a grand ma full with 4 nsp, 3 nsp 2 and 1 older nsp everything is in version 5.902.
    The big problem is with the older nsp, the load is about 40% with peak in the red zone, and after some minutes the system crash.
    Could anyone help me??

  • HI Made,

    This probably doesn't help much.......however.

    I have a mixture of NSP1's and 2's on a decent size show over three sessions. I am having no problems with 5.902. I had some issues with 5.90 but 5.902 is rock solid here.

    The NSP 1's will work at a different percentage than the NSP 2's due to the different processor.

    Have you tried swapping the NSP1 with one of the 2's so the NSP 1 is in a different part of the system? This might help you fault find a little. If it continues i would get a service technician to have a look at the NSP.

    Please keep us updated.

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