-Moderator Question-Using Dot2 Console as MIDI controller for Grandma2 Command Wing

  • Hey All,

    Im looking to upgrade to a ma2 command wing and I was wondering if it would be possible to keep my dot2 to use it as a control surface for the ma2 command wing. Kinda like having a "fader wing" but have it be a dot2 console instead.

    I figure I should probably be able to do this via midi right? Is there another protocol that might work bettter?

  • Hi tobinpls,
    this should work with DMX, ArtNet, sACN, MiDi showcontrol as well as MiDi for both.
    Better is more a "what do you prefer" thing- in the end, there´s no difference in the functionality of the possible remote functions between DMX, ArtNet and sACN,
    the only difference is the the proticol that you use to remote either the dot2 or the MA Command wing.