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  • Truth. I ran out of cue, I wanted to edit only exec. Although this would work in this way if the cue saved in the executable is only one cue. Thank you and best regards. :)

  • Additional:
    You do not even need to edit it.
    If you run the cue that includes the f.e. dimmer- effect and you select the fixtures that do this effect,
    you immediately see the effect values when you enter the dimmer effect view.
    Now your first wish came true: you see the values for width and the Speed.
    As soon as you change these values, "update" lights up -press the "update" button, followed by the executor button (or button executor)
    - done!
    Maybe faster ... check.

  • Yea, it works very well. And fast.
    Can I ask why, if I execute the following sequence: edit - cue1 - exec - (and now press the executor button, for example: 1.3), then the values in the programmer are taken from the cue1 executor 0.1.1? When I select this executor from the touch screen everything works as expected .
    Thank you Michael for your response.

  • Hi nasula,

    Very simple to solve this issue: just don´t press the (not needed) "exec".

    Just type "edit- cue 1 (and now press the executor button, f.e. 1.3)"

    You can even shorten this command by not typing "cue" -

    dot2 understands, that you mean "cue", just by typing "edit 1 (and now press the executor button f.e. 1.3)
    Can´t be shorter on any console in the world, I am sure.

    But watch out: the right Screen follows the commandline, so it will Show you the cuelist of the main executor!
    (This is caused by a not supported "interactive commandline" in the console, which is on the wishlist since ever)

    But the values of cue1 of executor 1.3 are loaded back into the programmer (which was the main goal of the command)

  • Not bad, not bad. I will have to practice.
    This is another question to this topic. When I have saved in the executor effect combined with eg dimmers at 50% with the value of constans. Now I want to edit the executor, leave the effect and erase the dimmers, but not to 0 (yellow) only to 0 gray. (Something in style delete value)?
    Thank you. :)

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  • Hi nasula,
    to do that, you do not need to edit the cue. (Well you can do it via "edit", but it´s not needed)
    Just select the fixtures, change the dimmer values (just to get activate the preset type"dimmer" into the programmer and press store,
    followed by the number of the cue out of which you want to take the dimmer values out.

    The console then will ask you for "overwrite", "merge" or "remove". Choose "remove".
    This Action will store the dimmer values out of the cue and you will get "Grey" values.
    Store remove- quite handy.

  • Ok. It works as a store and edit, but only with the store command. With the update command does not work, and it made me confused.
    Thank you Michael, we will be in touch. :D