• Please Help!

    Has Anyone out there actually been able to us a vectorworks plots and load it into DOT2 3d?

    I know it can be done with ma2 on 3d, but I've had no luck making it work with the dot2.

    I have a dot2 core with a fast computer with dedicated graphics.

    Would someone please consider making a tutorial, or telling me if its even supported yet?

  • Hi tobinpls,

    unfortunately there is no plugin for Vectorworks working with the dot2 software. With grandMA2 you export your Vectorworks plan and import it intothe console. So you get patch, position and rotation information...but you know this.
    If you have a look on dot2 software you see, that you are not able to give position and rotation information in the desk to have it automatically in 3D. Therefor the information of a plugin would not be ready to use in the console. Do you understand what I mean?

    I would suggest the following workaround:
    - Patch your fixtures manually in the console. As you know this is no big deal in dot2.
    - In Vectorworks, create a list with all fixture types and their position and rotation information. Export this to an Excel sheet. Please make sure that the Excel cells are formatted as "Text" and the position data is written like "5.1" or "3.3" etc...
    - Copy the information from the Excel sheet into the 3D, so you do not need to position the fixtures manually.

    I hope this helps.