Master rate on chaser

  • Hi all!

    Anyone know if it's possible to use the master rate to control the transition into a chaser? For some reason despite having the 'use master rate' ticked it appears to have no affect as for example even with master rate fully down (i,e. rate stopped) it still executes the chaser straight away on hitting the executor button?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Marcus,

    the master rate, rates up or down all Timings in Cuelists.
    Let´s say you work theatre style, have 100 Cues, most of them with different Timings and
    your Boss says: Nice, but the whole Show takes too Long. Make everything faster.
    Instead of corrcting all of your 100 Cuetimes, you can use the "Master rate", to multiply all Timings in Cuelists by a factor.
    Factor 0.5 f.e. will devide all cuetimings by half.
    In a Chaser, where all Cues use the same Timing anyway, the rate is not realy helpful and doesnt work,
    as you normally use a Master Speed fader to control it´s Speed.
    Maybe it´s not helpful described in the help. Also the description, when you store the master rate fader, doesn´t exactly say, what it means when stating "controls the state of cue transitions".

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