Solo Command?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to active only one fixture from on executor, like a "solo touch" on a sound mixer?

    Thank you for your answer

  • Assuming it's only temporary (so not worth creating a separate cue) could consider putting the remaining fixtures in a group and then putting them at zero in the programmer so it will override the executor? Might have missed what you're actually trying to achieve however as not sure what it does on the sound mixer!

  • Thanks Marcus and Yaneck for your answers.

    Marcus solution works but take a lot of time to do.
    Yaneck, that's not exactly what i am searching for.

    To be more precise, i have several fixtures in my executor lighting a stage.
    I would like to see what is doing only one of this fixture.

    The goal would be to run the executor and then the "command solo" or the "touch solo" (i am searching for) + the fixture i want to see, make the varation i want and record this in the executor.
    With several fixtures, it would be to select them, and to see one by one with the next and previous touch, like the highlight but with the dimmer value recorded for this fixture and the over fixtures dimmers of the executor at zero.

    I don't know if it is possible, but i would find it very useful.

    And sorry for my little poor english ;)

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  • How about as you say putting the dimmers at zero in the executor and then just the select fixture you want and do ‘at full please’ for example?

    Alternatively set the dimmer value as a preset and then it would be two clicks to get the fixture you want. One click from the fixture page and then the other in the dimmer preset page.

    OR, just have a page with each of the fixtures on separate dimmers. Obviously this only really works though if you have a small numbers of features.