Please help

  • Hello.
    I had a saved cue queue under exec 1.1. Something had to change and what happened. Everything works, when you press the GO button, the cue changes, the dmx values on
    the output At least on the screen, physically not checked) are changed, the descriptions of the subsequent cue in the windows of the executors are changing. Do not just change the queue in the on view (ie pressing the "eye" and the executor key).

    I copied this executor to another and everything works as it should.

    I copied this executor to another and everything works as it should. I suppose the problem is in the sign of this executor as in the picture. It follows that this is now exec 0.1.2, and should be 1.2. In the field where the executable mode is normally (like it, flash, master), there is only a "empty" entry.
    Where can I change it?
    Please help. ?(

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  • Hello.
    I've dealt with this, I copied this executor to exec 1.2 and works fine. Of course I will send you a file of this show. I just do not have access to the oldest show from which I made screen shots, and on which was the word "empty". Later I tried something and at some point managed to assign buttons. But here the executor still has the number 0.1.2 and still does not move the cue in the View window. When I go back to work on Sunday, I will see, if the first file is on the console, then I will send it.
    Thanks for the interest, the problem is not there, because the show I have what it was :) , and I ask from curiosity what I do wrong, the future to avoid mistakes (I note that I do not know yet the whole console and all its functions, so I probably make a lot of them 8) )

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