Comand in cue, store cue.

  • I have two questions about the commands in mine cue and executors.
    1. I have two executors saved, each one contains a queue of three cue. Can I combine them together on a third executor to create a 6 cue queue from the previous executors, saved one by one?
    2. Is there a possibility, using a command stored in any cue in the main executable, to run in another cue specific executable? For example, cue 6 from main cue runs cue 9 in exec 1.206?

  • Hi,

    1. You can copy your Cues from one Exekutor to another. I think syntax is
    Copy Exec 1 Cue 1 Thru 3 to Exec 3 Cue 1 Thru 3
    Copy Exec 2 Cue 1 Thru 3 to Exec 3 Cue 4 Thru 6

    This is to copy your cues from Executor 1 and 2 to Executor 3

    2. You can try something like: Goto Exec 1.206 Cue 9
    or Go Exec 1.206 Cue 9

    Hope I can help you, because I haven´t try this Comands

  • Ok Lars. I wrote a command instead of error message. I read the links. But I'll still go on the subject. So I can copy one cue from one executor to the other cue of the second executor. I checked, the works well. And I can not copy a few cue at a time? Something like COPY EXEC X.Y CUE 1 THRU 3 AT EXEC X.Z CUE 4 THRU 5? Where are the smaller and larger values here? Here and here are 3 cues? Is there a way to copy several cue at a time?

  • Hello Lars.
    FACT, I made a mistake but only in this forum. I know where I make a mistake. I can copy several cue at a time but only one cue. Something like - copy cue 1 thru 3 exec 1.203 at cue 4 exec 1.202. If I type in the executor on which I copy eg copy cue 1 thru 3 exec 1.203 at cue 4 thru 6 exec 1.202 it does not work, and I get error 36.
    That works.

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