• I'm curious about gobos. I am having some difficulties creating a gobo wheel from the Wizard and using custom gobos. The Menu selection list of Mfgrs and custom folders doesn't seem to include the "user_gobos" folder for custom gobos. Merely placing a folder with that name does not make it appear in the dropdown menu list of locations. The Wizard seems to use the Carallon asset tree to populate the menu list? Merely placing a folder named "user_gobos" does not allow the folder or it's contents to populate the menu list. Also, the Wizard only seems to read .PNG filetypes? I don't see the .BMP media in the Wizard that is in the actual asset folders under Fixture Builder/gobos

    Is it possible to demonstrate how to correctly load/setup a gobo wheel with custom media using fixtureBuilder? I find it easier to construct profiles using fixtureBuilder than the console. More areas visible at once to see the entire object and it's functions/channels, rather than paging thru menus in the console.


    Great work on the multiple instance builder!!

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