Help One-Flash Program​

  • Hello everyone,
    I got a problem.
    I want to make a one-flash,
    that means If I press a flash button the lights should turn on instantly and after a short amount of time it should fade out no matter for how long I hold the flash button.
    Can someone help me?


  • Store your fixtures and values to cue 1.
    Clear programmer and store a second empty cue to this executor (nothing selected, just press Store and add second cue)
    Write the following command to the CMD Column in cue 2: Off Executor x.y
    If you use Executor 101 on page 1 than it would be Executor 1.101
    Change the Cue Trigger (Trig) to Time and set a Trig Time of x seconds for cue 2.
    If you now start cue 1 cue 2 gets executed in the time you set as Trig Time and the Executor gets switched off.

  • Thank you very much, works perfectly fine. I got another question: Is it possible to link the sound input and BPM faders from the tools menu to my executor?

  • Thanks for the fast answer, you discribed how to set up the cue trigger, but what I really meant is If its possible to link the faders called sound input and BPM from the tools menu to the executor. I dont want to open the tools menu every time I want to adjust for example the BPM. Is there any possibility to get this done?

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