Looking for a fixture of a Chauvet ColorbandPix-M (42Channel)

  • Hold on there, Lars, not so fast. Rewriting the profile for better visualization isn't needed[can sometimes achieve fair results]; better art is by the console, imho. Yes, I agree, getting proper visualizations from the default models in the console is sometimes nearly impossible. To this end, I've attached a desk generated .XML in V3.3 of GMA2 that I embedded custom geometry into. I had just finished an example scene of that type of 'Headmover' that isn't in the console's library of models. I even zazzed up the Main Module model to include an LED surface that works with the STROBE function, since it's written into that module. You also get individual pixels with COLOR and TILT.



    I noticed some odd patch collision when I tested the fixture, but once I left Patch, the fixture seemed to function as intended. Remember, this was a console generated .XML that I just added art to, me no write the details of functions and patching. The array was close enough to the one I established, so I think I left it 'as is'. I will sort out your art, patching and the .XML you'll need to ask someone else.

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