Artnet with a single dot2 node4 (1k)

  • A friend of mine ( @Moehritz) and I are having a discussion regarding the Artnet functionality of the dot2 onPC software.
    According to my friend Artnet is enabled as soon as onPC recognises a single node4. This would mean that a user could buy just one node4 (~1500€) and then use the other universes with a simple Artnet to DMX converter (~200€/universe => ~1200€) not having to buy 3 other node4s (=> ~4500€) to use the full potential of the software.
    Does the software work this way or does connecting a single node4 only enable 2 universes in the software and therefore only output 2 universes via Artnet?
    Or is it all different and does the onPC software only support 2 universes in standalone mode anyways?

  • To my understanding connecting a single dot2 node will give you 1024 channels. It doesn't matter if you output them directly on the node, per artnet or per sCAN. So a node will not give you 8 artnet outputs for free. You will be able to output the same channel count on artnet like on the node.

  • Copied from website:

    Additionally the dot2 onPC software can output up to 1,024 channels of DMX when connected to an dot2 Node4 (1K)!

    1024 is the maximum count even for network protocols