Focus Spot 2 Fixture profile not working help?

  • So im using the Focus Spot 2 profile in the software, but none of the colors change with the color wheel and I cant really mess with the color wheel or make presets at all. Is anyone up to fixing this for me?

  • Hey Michael, Any help help with this? I've got a gig this tuesday I could really use a proper profile for, Im not sure how to fix it myself. Thank you

    The fixture is an American DJ Focus Spot Two

  • I think I actually know what the issue is but not sure how to fix it. These Movers have a Single Seperate UV Diode built into the top of the head, it does NOT mix with the colors in the color wheel, It looks like the profile is setup to be color mixing on top of the pre existing color wheel. the profile wont allow any light to be displayed in 3d unless the UV channel is up, so the UV channel is acting like a master intensity for the color wheel.

    I think a multi instance fixture is needed with a seperate UV section and then hopefully that should free up the color wheel for normal dimmer intensities. Ill give it a try let me know if you have any suggestions