• Hi. So I can edit the 26 macros with ass ma 1/cmd="something; more things" etc, store new macrolines and edit them in CD macro and import macros from MA2, bui I can not create a new macro as macro 27. Will that be changed in a future release?

  • Hi Axel,

    I would guess that this will be changed in a future release, as I cannot imagine that it is intended that the predefined macros are protected from edit, but not the actual macrolines.

    I am sure there possibly are other vunerabilites in the current dot2 release where gma2 commanline nerds like you Axel may find exploits and loopholes, but don't worry, I thrust the MA team to fix these as soon as they are brought to attension.

  • Hi there,
    for onPC I use a keystroke simulation software like "Typertask". ( )
    You can define a line of text, which is converted into simulated keystrokes, like you were typing it on your keyboard.
    Here's a little example:
    m1=Fixture {Delay=100} 1 thru 8 + 9.1 thru 9.5 + 10.1 thru 10.5 at 100 {enter} Fixture {Delay=100} 11 thru at 50 {enter}

    "m1" is "the trigger", I chose "m1" for "macro1", but you can define it as you like.
    Whenever you type "m1" on your keyboard, the software writes the text after the "=" sign for you.
    As you can see, you can also simulate special keys like {enter}.
    This gives you the ability to daisy chain commands like in the example above.
    One thing that can cause problems is the speed of typertask.
    Some applications cannot process the incoming keystrokes as fast as the are delivered by typertask.
    Therefore you can insert a {delay=..} command, like I did.
    I've found out, that e.g. after the "Fixture" command I need a delay, otherwise the character rigt after "Fixture" is skipped.
    IMHO this is pretty handy for preprogramming with onPC


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