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    when talking about creating simple chasers, please also have a look at the nice macro "circular copy" in the dot2. This makes, from my point of view, programming a chaser even more easier than with non-tracking.


  • What about a theatre environment? I know some theaters, even bigger ones, who only work without tracking.


    I totally agree with you . I work in a Theater and we just bought a dot 2 xl-f and i just recognize now what is this tracking, and i wanna ask how could we OFF this option. But i see that we cant. Hard to work with this .Many time i need to make a cue from totally nothing totall dark (black out) and in this way we need to off all the lamps all fixtures then make thos 3-4 lamps to his work then i can save a new cue. Its + time for me.
    thanks for understanding

    best regards

  • Is not so bad. You have to get used to it. If you want to get everything fast on zero try the following sequence: Thru - Please - and double the dot (..). "Thru" will tick everything, and double-tapping the dot will set all values to zero. It works for me.
    For copying a particular cue to another location, if you want to get an identical cue including the values tracked from the previous cue, I recommend setting the "cue zero" and the function: Copy - Cue x - At - Cue y - Please / in the select window, mark Status and Copy /.
    /I also work in the theater and I have problems with it, but even on older consoles when programming, if you used some faders in the scene, then you have to zero them .../
    Problem with cue and tracking

  • I agree and would like to see options for tracking AND non-tracking. We do a lot of theater along with band lighting and "busking" a show. While nasula suggestions work (somewhat)for our theater programming it would be more efficient and cost effective to have options (or, at least a hybrid solution) for tracking AND non-tracking built into the software.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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