Showtec XS-6

  • Difficult to visualize correctly due to horrible Gimbal Locking attributes, IE, you cannot rotate a subattribute helper in the Z vector without causing the object to 'gimbal lock' as you activate the attribute[rotates in 2 vectors as 1, boo hoo]. This is especially noticeable when there are multiple instances attached to a main module that are not in a 'linear' alignment/rotated. The subattribute helper must not be rotated. This necessitated putting in several patch 'breaks' to give DMX control to some 'dummy' attributes, PAN and GOBO1. This 'dummy' attribute aligns the instance objects in the correct vector for proper visualization. Gobos do not visualize without the patch break. Shutter does not visualize due to needing a patch break for that attribute. Wish there were more 'virtual' attributes that visualize in an instance instead of just DIM. I'm to understand that PAN and TILT are suppose to be 'virtual'[not needing DMX channel to visualize...but....], but I've never gotten those subattributes to visualize without a patch break...hack.

    Enjoy....I don't think I 'broke' the original profile as it pertains to the actual fixture control; merely moved some channels into different modules and added some dummy patch breaks.


    PS: sorry not image of it working....
    PPS: the Channel order of the LEDs is perhaps off, I found no document that gave the order of LED channels on the head.