More than one Speed / Rate 1

  • Hello!

    Is there a possibility to have more than one speed master "rate 1"?
    Rate 1 affects everything at once (effect speed, chaser speed...)

    The only other speeds i can do are within a cue: sound related, smpte, timecode or setting an amount of seconds.

    Am i missing something - or is this simply the very first software sneak preview - meaning i must be patient?


  • if you change te sequence to a chaser, you will in the chasers' editmenu have the ability to change speed of the chaser via encoder 3.

    You may also at any time, change the individual speed of any Executor by holding down the Speed key and tap the playbutton of the executor.

    The Rate 1 fader is a consolewide speedgroup that will affect everything.

  • Hi all,

    please be careful: The Rate Master affects timing of a normal executor and effects, stored on an executor. Chasers are not affected!

    Hope that helps. I agree with Andreas regarding the Speed Key. Getting the Learn function directly is a good workaround.

  • The fact that we have to find ways to work around this really sucks. Tapping out the BPM: Works alright for dimmer effects, but what about gobo rotations/scrolls, prism rotation, movements, etc? Chasers menu: You have to start the effect off beat, pull up the menu, and then adjust with the encoder. Programming different effects with different times: Takes up all your button real estate for only a few effects, or you cue stack various speeds, then you have to know how many times to press each one of your effect buttons to achieve a desired rate and press off + the executor when you want to stop the effect and 90% of the time it still doesn't land on beat when your options are slow, medium, fast. I don't mean any offense to anyone who offered up these suggestions. We all have to use these work arounds. This has just been burning me since we purchased this console. My shows are not nearly as good as they should be because of this. When you have to spend time on work arounds for something that should be so simple, you end up missing your opportunities or messing them up. Maybe people in the audience don't notice little mistakes and missed opportunities, but I do, and I'm sure you guys do too.. It reflects on you as a lighting designer. No one's first thought is going to be that your fancy MA console is holding you back.

  • Thanks Lars! It works! It doesn't behave exactly like I was hoping for, but it is a great start! I looked through the user manual again and cannot find this command anywhere. I have to wonder, are there any other secret cheat code commands that are not listed in the manual? Thanks so much for your help. I'm going to program so hard.

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