Fixture builder with your own 3d Model from scratch?

  • I'm familiar with vector works. But I dont know the process of how to get a fixture from a cad program, to use it with any of the MA fixture builder information.

    For instancee, I just posted in the fixture builder forum about needing a moving light that has 2 faces to it. I'd be happy to build the 3d model myself in vector works, but how to I get it to talk to the fixture builder? and define where the light is coming from?

    Are there any resources someone might be able to point me into the right direction about creating my own fixtures entirely from scatch?

  • Hello tobinpls,

    wow, what you´re planning is a lot!

    In general, the fixture type that you work on in the console is a different data type then the visualisation model.
    So you´ll Need two things:

    You should start with a valid fixture type for the console.
    We will create one for you on Monday.

    When you´ve got the fixture type, you can take care about the visualisation model for this.
    There are a few Parameters, that link the fixture type to the Fitting 3D Model.

    In the meantime, please have a look into the dot2 3D Manual:…46-8947c52397f5

    You can also have a look into the 3D Forum, there are some Posts in there, that might be interesting for you:…49450#msg-49450

    Hope this helps for the beginning, you´ll receive a mail from us on Moday,

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