Fixture builder challenge - Double Sided mover +Cont P/T

  • Ok, theres these new lights i wanna get, and I KNOW theres not a profile, and Im not even sure if MA will be capable of making them. Hence A challenge for the ma cats.

    The Marq Gesture 102 Beam and 102 Wash.

    They are DOUBLE side fixtures, with independent RGBW control on wither face of the moving head, PLUS they have continuous Pan and Tilt. There essentially the same fixture, on has a 3.4 degree beam angle and the other is like 38.5.

    I would be happy even If I could just get 2 independent beams on one fixture and no continuous P/T. But I can at least ask.

    Heres links to the lights.

    Dont care too much about the advance dmx programming in the higher value dmx traits. Really just want RGBW on both sides with pan and tilt and a 3d model that shows both sides/beams

  • You do not want to include continuous PAN/TILT in a visualization; until MA3D and fixture models are more robust. These sub attributes are not able to be indexed in the visualization model and this means if you do include the sub attribute and activate it; your model will never reset/HOME correctly and will take the current 'stopping point' of the 'spin' attribute as 'home' to start rotations from....the fixture is borked and needs to be repatched.

    Dual sided beams is perhaps able to visualize.

    Good luck!