• Our company is looking for a good midlevel range console and have been debating on the dot2. Main thing they want to know is if they are planning on adding MAtricks in the effects or if it is there and I can't find it. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult for the ease to have it and it would make it stand out from the other console in that range like the AVO Titan II and such. Can anyone help me?

  • Although I am sure that there will be improvements to usability in future releases,
    It is my understanding, that at the current time the software is "as is", and that no promises or announcement of any planned new features will be given at this point.

    You may currenlty do e.g. the equivalent to wing:2 via the "mirror" button in the Phase calculator.

  • MA Tricks works actually only via command line but only for selection, not for effects...You can try for example:

    - Mi 3 = MAtricksInterleave 3
    - Mb 3 = MAtricksBlocks 3

    I believe that MA Tricks will work also for effects...maybe with mysterious "Magic" button ? :P

    NiceG2000 I think that dot2 series is perfect solution for you in the "midlevel range console" as you said. MA Lighting guys works really fast and efficiently. Software is stabile and ready to work. In my opinion MA Lighting has the best network solutions for lighting consoles and pc software. Free 3d visualiser synchronised with console is an additional strong point :)

    Best regards,

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  • a small solution for MAtricks is the Shortcuts.
    Select a Group and Press NEXT
    after that, press and hold SET and press NEXT to have one of two, press ones again and get 1/3 ones again to have 1/4. Release the SET button.
    now press Next to have 2/4, ones again to have 3/4 and so on....

    with this Help i use to change the "Phase" of the Lamps in the Effects an have a Kind of MAtricks in the effects.
    and i feel very fast.

    Perhaps it helps you also.


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